Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Important Messages!

For all of you who have been curious about my progress, I wanted to let you know that I am making absolutely no progress whatsoever. After Thanksgiving, I decided to stay a bit longer with my folks to let my toe heal up. After a two weeks of no hiking, I figured all would be well (or at least somewhat better). So after much anticipation, I took a trial walk in new shoes and without a pack a day ago. It did not feel good.


I decided to stay on and take a few more weeks off. I'm bummed about this injury, but this time off will allow me to regroup and hit the trail with a fresh start post-Christmas.

That was the first thing. The second is a bit more peculiar.

It seems I've been hacked! My Twitter account has not been hacked, but the rerouting to my blog has hit an unusual bump in the road. Please DISREGARD ANY UNUSUAL TWEETS on this blog as well as all their included links, as they will likely not be a good thing for you and your computers. I have just deleted and reposted the gadget that allows me to reroute my Twitter updates, so it's momentarily back to normal. However, it seems likely that I will simply be hacked again until Google/Blogger figures out protection against it. Until then, beware!

Stay tuned and stay virus-free!