Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the News...

As many of you know, I am writing a self-syndicated column for newspapers around the state of Texas. I'm always looking for a way to let people experience what I'm going through, and the columns serve this purpose.

Here are a couple of recent columns that came out. I don't enjoy having my work tampered with, and unfortunately, that's exactly what happened with one of the following columns. Technically, one of the following was edited, much to my dismay. Flow is very important to me, the idea that one sentence or paragraph rolls smoothly into the next, and if my work has to change, I prefer to make those changes with the flow in mind. Oh well.

I'll stop editorializing. Enjoy the articles.

For the article in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, click here. It is about the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

For the article in the Victoria Advocate, click here. It's about my encounter in Seadrift, Texas.

Until next we cross paths...


kodecharlie said...

I found the editorial break in flow! It was so obvious after my first reading, all I could think is, "There is no way that is Smatt."

Tough break :-)

Annie said...

Dear Texas Perimeter Hiker,

I had a good laugh reading in the Victoria Advocate article your description of yourself entering town with the Stetson hat,umbrella, backpack, wool socks, etc. It really got me thinking about how much the human experience is affected, in one way or another, by how others see us. Despite being a Texan (born and bred) you and that umbrella of yours are outsiders in these communities. It made me want to see just what the policeman and all the people featured in "Faces of Texas" are seeing when you blow into town. All that to say, would you consider posting a photo of yourself once in awhile? I'm hoping you won't construe this request as anything more than it is. Sure, you're an attractive guy, some might even say strapping, but this is purely academic. I think seeing you would help all of us to better understand your experience. Also, do you find yourself seeing other people in a different light now that you're being looked at and judged by others?

One more photo request: You've tweeted about building and sleeping in a "wikkiup." For all of us city-folk who can't picture that, would you mind posting a photo of your sleeping set-up?

Thanks! Keep the photos, posts, and tweets coming.

-Nosy Rosie

Sarah said...

I completely agree with Annie. I need to see a wikkiup (sure, I could google it but it wouldn't be YOUR wikkiup) and I think it would be interesting to see the Smatt that the unsuspecting Texans are seeing as opposed to the clean-cut Smatt I remember from the Barnes and Noble days.