Saturday, November 21, 2009

In the News...

I am currently with an aunt and uncle in Arlington, Texas. I had it in my mind to walk across Fannin County in a day, but I failed miserably. I hiked about 25 miles all told from just over the county line near Direct to just under Ivanhoe. I was limping in spite of my two hiking sticks and simply couldn't get to Bonham to beat my aunt and uncle's five o'clock pick-up. My body hurt and badly, so I wasn't all that sad to fall short.

As you probably already know, I passed through Paris a handful of days ago. Thank you to Brandon who sent me a quick link to the Texas Eiffel Tower (it saved me a couple of minutes which, because of the stringent library policies, made a difference). The Paris News did a nice piece on the trek and me. Click here to see the picture and the article. Thank you to both the photographer (Sam Craft) and reporter (Krista Goerte) who were nice and friendly on top of being good at their jobs.

Here too is an article I wrote, published in the Fairfield Recorder. There was a photo that went with the article, but I'm unsure of where it is on their site. Click here for the article.

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