Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kermit, Texas

Kermit, Texas is so named for a Roosevelt, son of our former president Teddy. The county wraps around the bottom left of the Texas Panhandle, and I've decided to stop here for the night to get some work done.

A quick note on the corner: I may or may not write about this in one of my columns, so while I can't say much, I will say this: it's at the only sign not facing the road. I know, hard to believe. But it IS there on 1218 within the confines of Flying Pan Ranch. You can find it, point-seekers!

After a quick bite to eat at a Mexican carneceria and bakery (It's on the northern end of town on Hwy 18. Good hot asado burrito. Finally, the food had some kick to it! Everything's hotter in West Texas, I guess.), I entered the heart of Kermit. I mailed some books out at the post office and dumped a ton of trash. My bag feels like a normal weight for the first time in several days. Alas, with the huge empty stretches ahead, this will be a short-lived victory.

My friend Darren just informed me that Orla (my next PO drop) is a ghost town. Hoowee. Really takes the wind out of you, hearing something like that.

Welcome to West Texas. There is more to come.

Until next time...

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Karma said...

hey smat, it's not easy keeping up with you while I'm hiking myself. time is limited each day and towns are far and few. I think you'd enjoy this trail. liz (aka detective bubbles) and I have been hiking with a guy orgionally from texas since the Mexican border. he's been living in ashville nc for the past couple years and lived two houses down from mello yello. how crazy is that? ten times a day he mentions how sections reminds him so much of Texas, just with bigger hills. we just passed our 10% mark, or 265 miles. we have a ways to go to catch up to you though. hope your doing well and your enjoying your self, and the weather. happy trails and no more bloody toes. karma