Monday, February 1, 2010

In the News..., Next Mail Drop & Caprock Canyons State Park

I am currently in Turkey, Texas (I love saying that!). I have hiked about 32 miles of the Caprock Canyon Trailway (click to see it), a rails-to-trails route from Estelline to South Plains. More on that in an upcoming post.

Here's a little something that came out in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times a day or so ago. I want to make one change, though: I never wrote that Sam Bass had robbed a bank in my mom's home town in Mexico. The sentence was not supposed to be written with those last two words "in Mexico." It's a tricky sentence because I wanted to say he had robbed a bank in her home town but to show somehow that neither she nor my grandparents had been living there or even alive for that matter. Sam Bass didn't wave adios to my grandmother, but he left his mark on the town nonetheless. It's a minor point in the story, but I just wanted to correct it. Click here for the column.

My next mail drop is officially in Higgins, Texas (You see? It's not as much fun as saying "Turkey, Texas."). However, I'll be volunteering at the park. I probably won't reach Higgins until some time during the first two weeks in March. Still, if you're curious how, here's the address:

S.Matt Read
c/o General Delivery
116 N. Main St.
Higgins, TX 79046-9803
***EST. ARRIVAL: MARCH 20, 2010*** (It's a good idea to allow for more time.)

I am very very close to Caprock Canyons (the main part of it; click to read more)! I'm excited. I've been told some ideas about what I'll be doing there, but it will all be made plain to me in a day or so. And I will definitely be posting more from there.

Until next time...

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