Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seminole Canyon State Park

While this post should have some pics, I'm specifically not going to post any as they could potentially be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Oh no, you might be thinking, what's this rascal gone and done now? Not much admittedly, but there were signs saying to do otherwise, thus the picture ban.

Raisin and I showed up at Seminole Canyon State Park after hours. I had wanted to stock up on food, read a few interesting displays, get to know the park. Not this visit. So we hung out while I read a book and contemplated our next move.

As the sun approached seven o'clock, I decided to go into the canyon. Raisin was game. But the signs prohibit such action. "Canyon Open to Guided Tours Only." That's pretty clear to me. So I asked Raisin if I could guide her down, never mind that she's a puppy, and she said 'woof.' Done.

We went down the stairs to the bottom of the canyon and paused. It was pure magic.

The beauty was astounding. Pools of water, a wide canyon perfect for walking, trees, cool air. We went back several miles toward the Rio Grande. It was like walking through a wonderland, where every step provides a new picture perfect view.

We checked out the wall paintings, the reason the canyon is off limits, but the natural beauty of the place quite frankly put them to shame. We swam, played around, and as it got quiet and dark, found a nice overhang to camp in. The night was crisp, mosquitoless, and perfect.

I love this place.

Until next time...


gumo said...

I am glad you enjoyed a special visit to Seminole Canyon and am glad you took the initiative to bend the boundaries enough to do so.

Smatt said...

I broke the rules flat out, and would have been really embarrassed if we'd gotten caught. However, the rules are in place to prevent vandalism and littering, neither of which we did. I hope the park service understands.

It was a perfect place. Perhaps some of that was due to having the place to ourselves, but I'd still recommend it to anyone, especially if it's on the way.

Thanks for the remarks.