Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the News...

Wichita Falls has been good to me! I had an interview with a local newspaper reporter, Marissa Millender, and we must have talked for about an hour. She had almost 20 pages of notes by the end of it. She wrote about the interview that evening, and it made the front page yesterday! Here's the article in full. Don't be confused by what seems to be cut-off paragraphs; they're actually subheadings that got put into the same font as everything else.

Times Record-News article

To top it off, I just got interviewed by a TV reporter! A friend of one of my hosts contacted me this morning, and we just finished talking not an hour ago. She said it's going to air on the evening news.

I have to pack up and move out now. On to Caprock Canyons!

Until next time...

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