Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nocona, Texas

I strolled into Nocona, raised a few eyebrows with my large pack, and went straight for the post office. The building was one of the nicer post offices I've ever been in. The postal worker was nice, even mentioned the letter from Cheryl that she sent back (I was on my rather long break at the time). However, I did get two correspondences from Annie, and I am saving them to go with my evening meal. The worker was nice, asked a few questions, and smiled a lot. I left the post office feeling good.

I'm at the library now. I'd show some pics of town, but there's a big sign that reads "NOT ALLOWED: Flash Drives (Memory sticks, Zip drives), Ipods, MP3 Players, Cameras." Might as well say no technology from the 21st century and get it over with. Maybe it's not surprising, though, as I saw an old-fashioned outhouse in front of the Nocona City Hall.

Thanks for all the Facebook comments, as always. I really enjoy receiving all the notes, letters, and comments.

My next mail drop is the following:

S.Matt Read
219 W. 3rd St.
Quanah, TX 79252-9998

***EXPECTED ARRIVAL:____________***
(Add a guess as to when I might arrive. Give me lots of time.)

Stay tuned!


-V- said...

Hey there!
My Mom saw you between Wichita Falls and Henrietta recently... she said she was wondering about the circumstances that had you walking at this time of year until she saw an article in the newspaper about your trek... she sent me your blog info. Nice!
Just wanted to say - good luck and hope you have great weather for the remainder of your journey.

Smatt said...

Thanks! I appreciate the well wishes.