Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Updated Route and Map

I am finally up to date on the map. My brother Charlie (whom I tweeted about when I was in Charlie, TX) has made it possible for me to label my path across Texas. There is no legend as of yet, but I've written one here to make things easier.

Yellow Man - Last logged camping spot and/or stopping point
Green Dot - Logged camping spot and/or stopping point
Blue Teardrop - Mail drops with addresses

You can click on any Man, Dot, or Teardrop for more information, with days and notes attached. In addition, double-clicking the hand cursor will enlarge the map.

Click here for the map.

From the blog, you can always find a link to this map on the lefthand column under "Progress Map & Mailings."

I think what my brother came up with is visually stunning, and I invite you to take a look.

I've stopped in Iowa Park for the day. Though I haven't covered much ground, I finished up the data entries for the map and have met a ton of nice people, one of whom invited me to spend the night (a library assistant named Ardis). Life is good.

Until next time, cartographers!

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